Exhibition of 19th-century hand coloured embroidery patterns.

In 2017 Museum ‘de Kantfabriek’ in Horst on the river Maas is organizing a special exhibition about 19th-century hand coloured embroidery patterns with flowers as the main motif. This collection of embroidery patterns was donated to the municipality of Tiel by the Landwehr-Vogels family and placed in the Regional Archives ‘Rivierenland’in Tiel.

The exhibition runs from 30rd April to and including 8th October 2017.

The museum invites those who practise textile crafts, artists and art students to create a work of art inspired by these five selected embroidery patterns.

'Bloemen bloeien op Papier’ 'Bloemen bloeien op Papier’ 'Bloemen bloeien op Papier’ 'Bloemen bloeien op Papier’ 'Bloemen bloeien op Papier’

Copyright Regional Archives ‘Rivierenland’in Tiel

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The works of art must not be larger than 2 x 2 x 3 (length, width, height) metres. In the first instance please send digital pictures of the work with a description of the idea, materials and the size of the work or concept. There are no restrictions as to the materials used.

A selection of the works will be integrated into the exhibition and will thus have the same publicity in the media.


Collection Atlas Landwehr-Vogels (Regional Archives “Rivierenland”).

To find out more about this collection check this link


Conditions of the competition:

–      Every participant can enter one work of art that has not been on show before. The work of art has been inspired by one of the five embroidery patterns enclosed.

–      Any visual technique allowed.

–      Free choice of materials.

–      Maximum size 2x2x3 metres.

–      Only works of art based on your own design can be entered.



–       Send in the completed and signed entry form.

–       1 digital picture of the complete work, stating its title.

–       1 digital picture of a detail, stating the title of the work.

–       Registration open until 1st December 2016 (postdate).

–       Send the entry form to: themed “competition Flowers bloom on Paper”.

–       The files remain the property of Museum “de Kantfabriek”.

–       The organizing team are allowed to take pictures of the selected works.

–       The pictures and files can be used  for publicity purposes until 1st January 2018.

–       The organizing team are safeguarded by the entrant from claims by third parties.

–       Taking part in the competition connotes accepting the conditions.

To download  the entry form click here


–       The first judging takes place on the basis of the visual material submitted.

–       The second round takes place on the basis of the work.

–       The expert jury will be empanelled by Museum “de Kantfabriek”.

–       The jury decision is binding.

The Jury consists of:

–       chairman: Roel Sanders, member of the exhibition committee Museum “de Kantfabriek”.

–       members: Hanny Spierenburg, adviser textile art.

–       members:  Diny Gerards-Mensink, researcher collection Atlas Landwehr-Vogels.

–       members: Paul Wilms, Gallery Wilms Venlo.


Prizes:  The following prizes will be awarded:

1st prize         Euros 250

2nd prize       Euros 150

3rd prize        Euros 100

Prize awarded by the public (remains to be completed)



–       The work selected will be made available to Museum “de Kantfabriek” for the exhibition from 10th April to and including 9th October 2017.

–       The exhibition of the selected work will be decided on by Museum “de Kantfabriek”.


–       The transportation of the work back and forth takes place at the cost and risk of the participants.


–       During the exhibition the work is insured to a maximum amount of Euros 3000 against ordinary risks of damage and theft.


Information and contact: