20 January 2019 until 29 December 2019

2019 Museum de Kantfabriek 10 years – Exhibition “10”

In the jubilee year 2019 Museum de Kantfabriek pays extra attention to works from the depots. In addition, there is work by contemporary artists in the jubilee Exhibition “10”.

The year 2019 is divided into 3 periods:

Period 1: January 25th – May 5th “Techniques to create textiles”
Period 2: May 19th – August 25th “Techniques to decorate or process textiles”
Period 3: September 8th – December 29th “Collections”
Period 1, attention is paid to crocheting, knitting, weaving, lace making, felting and all other techniques to create textiles. The pieces from the depot are supplemented with work from the weavers: Anneke Kersten, Ank Hazelhoff, Roos Cox, Paulien van Asperen, Japien Waskowsky, Marloes en Marleen Jongen, Corry Hengeveld, Bonnie Horjus, Marijke van Epen en Jo-Anna Meyer. The group ‘Experikant’ shows modern lace work especially made for this exhibition and beside that, felt art is shown by Kitty Korver, Trees Philipsen and Brigitte Eertink and tatting by Ankie Doensen.
Period 2, next to the embroidery and quilting pieces from the depot, we exhibit works by embroidery designers, quilt artists and also works of participants of the monthly Quiltcafe, (mostly traditional quilts). We will show Art quilts by Marijke van Welzen, Cherylin Martin and Mieke Wille and embroidery by Minke van de Zande, Jeannie Cobben and Yvonne Scheele.
Period 3, a variety of collections from the depots are exhibited and also textile collections made available by several collectors. This includes Leporello booklets, button collection, collection of children’s hats, (Turmac) silks patches and craft tools.
Throughout the year you can visit our workshop, where you can experience the various techniques shown during the specific periods.

During the first period, Els Savenije weaves on a Magic Dobby, made available by the Louët company. There are also various looms, for demonstrations and visitors can try out weaving. The quilt demonstrations are provided by members of the Quilt Café. In this way visitors get acquainted with the various techniques.

Please refer to our website for the complete program.
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