06 May 2018 until 07 October 2018

“Russian Traditional Applied Arts”

125 theses of the College of Popular Arts in Saint Petersburg in the Museum de Kantfabriek

In the present time of the revival of craft, Museum de Kantfabriek shows works by one of the few colleges in the world still offering a 6-year academic education in applied arts: bobbin lace, embroidery / gold embroidery, silk painting, wood carving, wood carving, Lacquer miniature painting and gold and silversmithing.
Characteristic of the thesis is the high quality of the performance in combination with the Russian traditional forms and patterns. At the college, the traditional techniques are educated and the students use these in modern designs. The focus of this exhibition is on bobbin lace and embroidery with beautiful motifs. In addition to dresses and shawls, fans and umbrellas can also be admired.
Anyone who is familiar with Russian folk art knows that even miniature paint is often used. Above all, the painting of idyllic and religious pictures shows which special stories are told and passed on with this technique. The leg carving also shows stylish techniques and delicate patterns that often refer to the nature.
Visitors have the unique opportunity to visit these works of art in Horst aan de Maas and get to know the professionalism and beauty of traditional Russian folk art. The exhibition also shows project panels and practice pieces, which are already of particular quality as a student work. Project boards must be drawn in full color down to the smallest detail in life-size.

Russia in the Netherlands, high quality specialized crafts
Museum de Kantfabriek is proud to announce that this special exhibition has been arranged in cooperation with staff and students of the College of Folk Art in Saint Petersburg and expects that lovers of textile and other craft art as well as lovers of folk art will appreciate this expertise.