A souvenir to take home to keep the memory alive? In our collection you will find interesting books on textiles, the history of textiles and regional history and all sorts of nice gift items, including of course the authentic laces manufactured in the museum.

“High tech” memories from the museum

In the museum you can find a special connection between the traditional, mechanical past of lace designs and a very contemporary, innovative application of pattern designs. The Museum maintains amicable relations with “Print Unlimited” in Horst. This company specializes in textile prints. In their corporate presentation at the museum you are offered the possibility to design you own pattern in shape and colour with an advanced computer program in a few simple steps. At home you can download this design via the site of the museum.

In the museum you can see a few lace headdresses, examples of the so-called “ Toer “. A “Toer” used to be a status symbol. In front of the eye of an automatic camera you can pose wearing such a “Toer”: stately, joking … Later on the picture will be available for download via the site of the museum.